Most Famous Escalators - Central-Mid-Level Escalators

Hong Kong is home to some of the most famous escalators in the world the most famous one are called “Central–Mid-levels escalators”. To enable their citizens to traverse the steep and hilly terrain of Hong Kong, city officials commissioned development of large escalator system that could revitalize pedestrian traffic. Their plan paid off in 1993 when first of those escalators entered into use in the city’s Western District. Flowing through the narrow streets, this escalator system manages every day transfer over 55 thousand people, double the number the original architects imagined.

Central–Mid-levels escalators is the largest outdoor covered escalator network in the world, with over 800m in total length and elevating traffics over 135 meters from bottom to top. Creation of this system enabled development of accompanying tourist shops, restaurants, shopping centers and other businesses all over the city, all taking advantage from this new transport lines that suddenly revitalized that part of the city.

Hong Kong Escalator

These famous Hong Kong escalators are running from the entire length of the Cochrane Street (between Queen's Road Central and Hollywood Road) and the entire Shelley Street. You can board or disembark from those escalators at the intersections with these streets:

Des Voeux Road Central (德輔道中)

Queen's Road Central (皇后大道中)

Stanley Street (士丹利街)

Wellington Street (威靈頓街)

Gage Street (結志街)

Lyndhurst Terrace (擺花街)

Hollywood Road (荷里活道)

Staunton Street (士丹頓街)

Elgin Street (伊利近街)

Caine Road (堅道)

Mosque Street (摩羅廟街)

Mosque Junction (摩羅廟交加街)

Robinson Road (羅便臣道)

Conduit Road (干德道)

Hong Kong Escalator
Hong Kong Escalator